Sustain-COAST “Sustainable coastal groundwater management and pollution reduction through innovative governance in a changing climate” is an R&I project co-funded under the PRIMA 2018 programme section II, for a period of 3 years starting from June 2019. Sustain-COAST consortium is led by the Technical University of Crete (TUC) and is composed of a multidisciplinary team of seven partners from six countries. Sustain-COAST intends to develop a calibrated multi-criteria decision supporting system (DSS) and a web Geographical Information System platform accessible for water stakeholders and policy makers.


InTheMED project will develop a decision support tool that is easy to use and available to communities on a web platform, by collecting, verifying and analysing the historical information available in the study areas. Through this tool, users - whether they are farmers, water management authorities, municipalities, or industries - will have the possibility of real-time monitoring the evolution of the system and, above all, assessing the impact of their actions in the future. The purpose of the tool is to be “as comprehensive as possible”, not only alerting to waste, but also for the user to understand the impact of their actions on the quantity and quality of water available in groundwater reserves.


ERMIS–F provides a Public Information Service to support public authorities that take decisions about town planning, and in particular to take into account the risk of flooding, so that any land use and flood prevention projects are based on documented evidence and decisions can be made rationally, given different, scientifically substantiated flood scenarios for specific areas. ERMIS-F uses geographical and other information that already exists across different sources, as well as freely available scientific models for assessment of risks and impacts, and for statistical forecasting, to create public knowledge that will lead to precautionary behaviours.