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School of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete

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Welcome to the Geonvironmental Engineering Laboratory (GEL) in the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Crete!


The purpose of the Laboratory is to promote teaching and scientific research in the field of geoenvironmental engineering and hydrological engineering, as well as to contribute to the knowledge groundwater management and flood management through collaborative research projects. In parallel with the teaching of the courses, the purpose of the Laboratory is the practical training on groundwater flow and mass transport simulation models and optimization models as well as on surface water models and the elaboration of undergraduate and postgraduate theses of the students and the conduct of basic and applied research independently or in the framework of funded research projects.


The research activities of the Geoenvironmental Laboratory (GEL) focus on the following:

Subsurface hydrology and contaminant transport

Groundwater management

Subsurface remediation techniques

Saltwater intrusion management

Global optimization techniques

Numerical simulation in porous media

Surface water modeling and floods

Flood management

Modeling methods to assess flood hazard areas

Research Projects