Real time data logger

Performs measurement and recording of piezometric height (level) and quality characteristics of water (conductivity, pH, temperature, chlorine concentration, dissolved oxygen content) in an observation well. It has an autonomous operation with photovoltaic system and data logger with the possibility of long-term storage of field data. It also has water samplers for up to three different cross sections.

Telemetric meteorological and hydrometric stations

Installation and operation of two telemetric meteorological and two telemetric hydrometric stations in the catchment area of ​​the river Koiliaris. The meteorological stations have the ability to measure the following meteorological parameters: a) air temperature, b) rainfall, c) atmospheric humidity, d) intensity of solar radiation e) wind speed and g) wind direction. The respective hydrometric stations have been installed in fixed and shaped parts of the riverbed and are equipped with surface water level sensors. The transmission of data from the respective stations becomes a means of mobile telephony (telemetry system), while their collection and processing is carried out on a host computer of the Laboratory of Geoenvironmental Engineering - Department of Environmental Engineering (Technical University of Crete).

Portable unit for measuring and recording humidity, conductivity and soil temperature-DECAGON

The portable unit contains sensors designed to simultaneously measure the above parameters which are extremely important for plant growth. The measurement of soil moisture is made by determining the dielectric constant of the medium (soil, substrate, etc.). The sensors are suitable for any type of ground. Ability to measure humidity in completely dry to saturated soil. Conductivity measurement range from 0 to 25 dS/m (bulk). Temperature measurement range from -400oC to +500oC. The portable unit has an easy-to-read display for simultaneous presentation of moisture, conductivity and temperature measurements. The saved measurements are transferred to the computer in EXCEL format, through the software that comes with the instrument. Comes with a hard case for transport and storage.